[ID3 Dev] New to id3lib, trying to use it with Win32 CreateFile handle

He Shiming heshiming at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 02:10:31 PDT 2005


I'm quite new to the id3lib. And I've got a question regarding using it on 
the windows platform.

The tutorial in the api doc is quite simple, but it didn't illustrate how 
one can use Unicode file names. I guess (hadn't seen much of the source code 
yet) its underlying ID3_IFStreamReader is using standard CRT to do file I/O. 
But as I also see these ID3_Reader ID3_MemoryReader classes. It just makes 
sense to me that I can create a customized file I/O handler for id3lib in 
order to use Windows API based I/O. But how can I do that? Is there any 
example available or I should just read the source code?

One more thing, is there anyway (or does id3lib support) to force id3lib 
output tags/values in Unicode? An array of wchar_t, or even std::wstring 
will be nice. If not, is it possible for it to output in UTF-8 character 
sequence? If still not, what encoding conversion should I use? Am I supposed 
to basically use the current encoding settings on user's computer?

Best regards,
He Shiming 

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