[ID3 Dev] Syncsafe integers and 2.3/2.4

Ben Bennett fiji at ayup.limey.net
Sat Aug 27 17:31:47 PDT 2005

On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 02:18:27PM +0100, Ion Todirel wrote:
> If you wont to understand how something works you mast broks it in
> parts. Play with Mirosoft Windows Media Player SDK 10 or with
> Windows Media Format 9.5 SDK (in .NET), check winamp, 

I understand how the spec is supposed to work and have tested the
behavior with a ton of tag writing things.  The behavior is mixed.
iTunes is not the only broken implementation, but there are some that
gets it right.

> way iTunes is so important for you? its more important to support
> standards! 

Yes, but iTunes is a large portion of the market.  And saying "we
don't support iTunes, because Apple can't RTFM" is not the best

> When in some case something doesn't work its best to not do it, in
> this case heuristical algoritm, in some cases it will not work.

So.  Better than blindly crashing all of the time.  At least this way
it will work most of the time.  And when it breaks I will add more

"Be pedantic about what yuou write and liberal about what you accept"

> Like i say, way iTunes?

Adressed above.


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