[ID3 Dev] ID3v2.4.0 native frames

Ion Todirel iontodirel at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 24 05:42:19 PDT 2005

Ben, look on this frame (or others):

Text encoding              $xx
Language                    $xx xx xx
Short content descrip.  <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
The actual text             <full text string according to encoding>
$00 is a byte (new byte(); (0)) separator between "Short content descrip." and "Text"?

For some frames is not specified String Encoding, for example for frame "WXXX":

Text encoding     $xx
Description         <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
URL                   <text string>

URL is Encoded with Latin1Encoding ("ISO-8859-1") ?

or for "UFID" frame, what encoding shuld use to decode "Identifier" from byte to string? "ISO-8859-1" ?

Owner identifier    <text string> $00
Identifier              <up to 64 bytes binary data>


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