[ID3 Dev] ID3 newbie need advice

Daniel Brockman daniel at brockman.se
Mon May 30 10:12:40 PDT 2005

Ahmad Ismail <ahmad at aratech.net> writes:

> Hello Dan, and thank you for responding


> let other players play the file, but for my media player, I only
> want it to play those files that include the custom tag.

I see.  Yes, you could include a frame that ``tags'' MP3 files
produced by your media player in such a way.  For example, a `PRIV'
frame could be used for this purpose.  The following is an extract
from the ``ID3 tag version 2.4.0 - Native Frames'' document¹.

4.27.   Private frame

   This frame is used to contain information from a software producer
   that its program uses and does not fit into the other frames. The
   frame consists of an 'Owner identifier' string and the binary data.
   The 'Owner identifier' is a null-terminated string with a URL [URL]
   containing an email address, or a link to a location where an email
   address can be found, that belongs to the organisation responsible
   for the frame. Questions regarding the frame should be sent to the
   indicated email address. The tag may contain more than one "PRIV"
   frame but only with different contents.

     <Header for 'Private frame', ID: "PRIV">
     Owner identifier      <text string> $00
     The private data      <binary data>

¹ <http://www.id3.org/id3v2.4.0-frames.txt>

Daniel Brockman <daniel at brockman.se>

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