[ID3 Dev] ID3v2 Text Encoding and VC++

Daniel Brockman daniel at brockman.se
Mon May 16 01:03:33 PDT 2005

Wan-Hi <online at wan-hi.de> writes:

> does anyone know if the mfc support all unicode variants? i searched through
> the msdn library but couldn't find out more than the fact that the mfc do
> support unicode through wchar (16bit). but does this include utf-16 and
> utf-16be as well? and what about utf-8? the problem is, i'd like to wrap the
> id3v2 text frame content by a cstring object, but it accepts char and
> wchar only.

Hi Wan-Hi,

I don't know about UTF-8, but if they claim to support Unicode and the
API says it accepts wchar_t, that means UTF-16 should work.

Regarding endianness, the string class should be able to figure that
out and deal with it correctly due to the byte-order mark, which ID3v2
requires all UTF-16 strings to start with.

Just try it and see what happens. :-)

Daniel Brockman <daniel at brockman.se>

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