[ID3 Dev] question about compressed unsynchronized frames

Wan-Hi online at wan-hi.de
Wed May 11 03:01:42 PDT 2005


can anyone tell me how a compressed and synchronized frame is intended 
to get processed? if i understand the v4.0 informal standard correctly, 
the size noted in the frame header includes the syncsafe 32bit integer 
appended to the frame content. so this is what i would do:

1) read the frame header
2) if the unsync flag is set, i undo unsync the content of the next 
'size' bytes ( which should include 32bit syncsafe data length indicator 
3) decompress the resynced content without the last 32 bits.
4) look up the first byte of the decompressed data, to see if the 
content is ascii or unicode (if i know before that it's a text document)

is this the right way to deal with compressed frames? i'd appreciate any 



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