[ID3 Dev] Moving forward on Chapter Frames

Chris Newell chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 03:39:36 PST 2005

At 16:11 25/11/2005, I wrote:
>I've tried files tagged with Chapter Frames carried in version 2.3 tags with a number of media players running on Windows. 
>The following played the files without problems and could decode the standard tags:
>  QuickTime 
>  VLC
>  iTunes
>However, although Windows Media Player 6.4 played the file it appeared unable to read any information from the tag when the Chapter Frames were present.

I've discovered that the problem with Windows Media Player is related to the de.vdheide.mp3 Java API rather than the presence of Chapter Frames. Therefore I don't have any evidence to suggest that there would be a problem with Chapter Frames in version 2.3 tags. If anyone knows what the problem may be with the Java API can they please let me know.



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