[ID3 Dev] How do I get my lib on the Implementations page of www.id3.org?

Dan O'Neill id3v2 at northpb.com
Mon Nov 7 14:39:32 PST 2005

Mitchell S. Honnert wrote:
> I just joined this list a couple of weeks ago and, after reading all of 
> the messages so far, I'm wondering why I didn't join sooner!  It looks 
> like I finally found a likeminded group of people dedicated to the ID3 
> standard.  Anyway...

You have, and welcome to the group.

> (Incidentally, my library is called UltraID3Lib and is a Microsoft .NET 
> DLL written in VB.NET.  It's fully object-oriented and implements all 
> but a handful of the standard frames as distinct classes.  It supports 
> read and write of v1, v2.3, but not v2.4 yet.)
> Anyway, does anyone know how I would go about getting a link to my 
> library on the Implementations page of www.id3.org 
> <http://www.id3.org>?  

You post it to the mailing list and I edit the HTML and link to your 
library.  That easy.  Look in the implementations section tomorrow.

Is there some kind of certification process a
> library has to go through to get posted on this page?  I've e-mailed 
> Martin Nilsson these same questions over the years that I've been 
> developing my library, but I've never received a response.  

There's been a glaring need for a reference test suite, but no one has 
taken the charge (yet) to put something together. Martin has not been 
responsive to email for quite some time, therefore, I've volunteered to 
provide maintenance services for the ID3.org standard and this 
interested group of people.

Again, welcome to the list.


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