[ID3 Dev] Moving forward on Chapter Frames

Michal Vician id3v2 at audiott.com
Mon Nov 21 14:39:33 PST 2005

> - should there be a new version of the ID3v2 specification which
> incorporates Chapter Frames or an addendum which describes Chapter Frames
> and nothing else?


My first ID3v2 library was built in supposition that there can be only
frames which are defined in ID3v2 specification. Therefore if there had
been an "unknown" frame found in ID3v2 tag, my application would have
ignored the whole tag. Why? Because there was suspicion that tag is
broken. This was the way of protection against broken tags -> whenever
something was assumed to be wrong/something unexpected was found, the
application simply ignored whole ID3v2 tag rather then risk the

Nobody can guarantee that all applications will run properly! Therefore I
would rather a new version of ID3v2 specification was released.


Michal Vician
id3v2 at audiott.com

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