Michal Vician vician at
Fri Nov 4 00:37:35 PST 2005

Hi Dan!

Thank you for the mailing list explanation. I have decided to join it next
week. Why? First I want to finish my web site (
Currently it looks to be very shoddy. After improving it I will join the
mailing list and present AudioTT and myself to all members. Where can I
find the list of current mailing list members?

As I said, first I want to improve my site. The problem is, that I don't
have much free time for this things. Therefore I'm willing to create new
ftp account to anybody, who would like to do the service. If
you know somebody, just let me know please.

> Where are you located in the world?  I am in La Jolla, California.

Maybe you want to know more about myself.
I am in Nove Zamky, Slovakia, EU. I'm going to study nucleonics in
Bratislava (the capital of Slavakia) next year. To the future I'm
intending to study in technical university of Munchen (Munich... or how is
it in english). Programming is just my hobby. I have leart Java for 2
years, but I had learnt many other programming languages before (C++, C#,
ActionScript - Macromedia Flash language...). Once I have relized, that I
hadn't done any useful program. Thus I had a look through the internet and
found I have found it very useful (I have a big MP3
collection). Now you can see result of my effort in AudioTT...

Maybe you can also write more about yourself.


Michal Vician
vician at

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