[ID3 Dev] Labels And Release Number

Tom Sorensen tsorensen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 06:18:40 PST 2005

On 11/2/05, Dan O'Neill <id3v2 at northpb.com> wrote:
> Brian Mearns wrote:
> > The ID3v2.4.0 spec has been around since late 2000, but as far as I know
> > most major digital media players still base their parsing and writing of
> > tags on the 2.3 standard.
> A full working reference model would be the ideal thing to have. Anyone
> want to put all the pieces together?
>   MP3 file w/2.4.0 tags w/CHAP & CTOC frames
>   library + sample code that wrote the above v2.4.0 tags
>   player that can read and use these tags

Unless you have a real, working, usable library in a major language (C
being the most likely candidate), it won't be widely adopted. I think
the reason that 2.3 is still so predominant is because the most widely
used library, id3lib, still only does 2.3 (and it hasn't been touched
in ~2 years, despite several showstopper bugs).

> b.  Which library out there do people feel is the *best* example of
>      an ID3 tag editor that supports v1, v2.3 and v2.4 tags correctly?

For C/C++ there isn't one that I've found. id3lib does v1 and v2.3
fairly well, but the API is really quite bad, and the project seems
moribund. TagLib does v1 and v2.4, as well as others, but I've found
numerous bugs in it -- it's API is decent though. Both have fairly
miserable documentation (TagLib being somewhat better). Both read
v2.2, and TagLib also reads v2.3, but only write out one version.

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