[ID3 Dev] APIC frame unsynchronization

Michal Vician id3v2 at audiott.com
Wed Nov 23 13:13:26 PST 2005

Hi guys.

I have a problem and need advice:
I've just written library which handles APIC frames. The writing process
looks like this:

1. create an array of bytes which represents entire APIC frames
2. write the byte array to ID3v2 tag
3. if there is at least one FF Ex byte combination present use the
unsynchonization scheme

Is this correct?

Now, why am I asking you this?:
I've downloaded some applications which support APIC frame. As far as this
applications are concerned they do not use unsynchronization scheme when
writing the APIC frame - they are not able to show pictures written with
my library.
I'm just wondering why don't they use it?
Is it just a bug on their side or am I wrong if I claim that
unsynchronization must be used whenever the false sync bytes are found (FF


Michal Vician
id3v2 at audiott.com

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