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Chris Newell chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk
Mon Oct 17 01:47:35 PDT 2005

At 03:35 15/10/2005, you wrote:
>I have committed the latest vdHeide code (With bug fixes and ID3v2.2 to
>ID3v2.3 conversion code) to a new sourceforge project.
>This is now the official home of this library. I would ask anyone
>interrested to contribute to send me an e-mail so I can add you to the
>Chris: Would love to have you on board to commit the CHAP & CTOC frames to
>the latest code base.


I'd be happy to include the code but I think I should wait until ID3 has finalised the specification.

Have you considered moving to an id3 namespace? i.e. org.id3.mp3


>Please note, I am doing this on request from Jens himself, as we was happy
>with bugfixes we committed to his code and had no time
>himself to work on the library. The code is GPL.
>The project is barebone, no javadoc, build facilities. This will be added
>Cheers / Christophe
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>Subject: [ID3 Dev] Chapter frame API
>> Hi,
>> For anyone who may want to experiment with the proposed ID3v2 chapter
>frames I've documented the Java API used by my Chapter authoring tool. This
>API is built on top of the ID3 API developed by Jens Vonderheide and
>provides classes to create or decode CHAP & CTOC frames. There are also some
>utility classes for Text, URL and APIC frames.
>> The javadoc is available at:
>>    http://id3v2-chap-tool.sourceforge.net/javadoc/index.html
>> And the source is available at:
>> Chris

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