[ID3 Dev] CTOC and CHAP standards draft 2005101201 available

Dan O'Neill id3v2 at northpb.com
Wed Oct 12 10:49:05 PDT 2005

Chris Newell has been working diligently on the Chapter Table of 
Contents and Chapter tag format standard.

A new release of the proposed standard is now available for review at 
the following location:


Included in this release are the following files:

    The text version of the 2005101201 draft of the CTOC/CHAP standard

    A diagram of Chapter Table of Contents binary elements and

    A diagram of the Chapter binary elements and structure.

You can help Chris and I move forward on getting this past the draft 
stage by the following:

1.  Take a look through the documents and drawings and reply to the
     list with your comments, corrections and clarifications. (I am
     especially interested in publishing very clear specifications
     on how to use these tags so that the number of implementation
     questions will be small)

2.  If you work on products such as Winamp, YME, MusicMatch Jukebox,
     iTunes, iPod or any playback or encoding platform that creates
     or reads ID3 tags, we want to hear from you especially.  Tell us
     what you like, don't like, want to support, don't want to support.

3.  If you know of a person who does work on the above apps, please
     forwardthem a copy of this note.  We would very much like them in
     the discussion - subscribe to the mailing list by sending a
     message to id3v2-subscribe at id3.org

Chris posted a reference implementation in Java this morning that 
matches the above revision of the tag specification.  I'm including the 
URL's here for completeness.

The javadoc is available at:

And the source is available at:

Hope to hear from some of you shortly.



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