[ID3 Dev] questions regarding TBPM frame.

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Mon Oct 31 00:25:06 PST 2005

 From the ID3v2.4 spec:
The 'BPM' frame contains the number of beats per minute in the
main part of the audio. The BPM is an integer and represented as a
numerical string.

Strictly speaking, TBPM is a text frame, so it is very possible for it to be
set to just about anything textual if a program would allow it. However, the
v2.4 spec is pretty clear that it is an integer and that it is beats per
minute, so you cannot set it to 123.45, and even though you could set it to
12345, but that would probably meaningless from a musical standpoint...

I guess your programmer must have decided that more than 999 beats per
minute is nonsense, which can be understood but is indeed going a bit
further than the spec intends.

Not sure this helps...


On 10/31/05, darien <deathboy2000 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> id3.org <http://id3.org> site and i just missed it.
> my question primarily pertains to the id3v2.x TBPM frame.
> as far as the TBPM frame is concerned, what is allowed,
> convention-wise, and what is deemed improper for data contained in
> this frame? ie, would the following types of BPM data be 'legal'
> within the convention of this frame:
> 12781
> 127.81
> are there any limitations on this frame with regard to size, length,
> or type of data entered into this frame?
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