[ID3 Dev] Lossless editing tag

mavius mavius at yandex.ru
Wed Aug 9 11:33:57 PDT 2006

Excuse my loose translation.

I think that ID3v2.X tag must have standardized properties needed for lossless editing of encoded mp3 tracks. This properties can be supported by Winamp and others players.

1) Normalizing Coefficient (Preamplifier's Coefficient)
2) Equalizer Preset (adopted for winamp, WMP or other)
3) Balance
4) Offset of start and Offset of end for Playing

Example (needed monospace font):

         Whole song

Part of <song> to be played
|->                    <-|
  ^-(Start offset)     ^-(End Offset)

5) Speed Correction Coefficient (ex. I have several tracks that recorded (and encoded) from time-worn bearer with lower speed)
6) Fade In (on start) and Fade Out (on stop) sets

Player shall play track and change equalizer sets according to this prop's.

Let's realize these futures! :)

Best Regards, Mordvin Aleksandr, mavius at yandex.ru

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