[ID3 Dev] "ID3 Offenders" Part 2

Jonathan del Strother maillist at steelskies.com
Wed Feb 22 01:56:47 PST 2006

iTunes doesn't use syncsafe integers when writing v2.4 sizes, which  
is a pretty major problem...

On 21 Feb 2006, at 22:04, Mitchell S. Honnert wrote:

> A few weeks ago now, I solicited this list for 'ID3 Offenders",  
> examples of applications, libraries, or encoders that somehow  
> didn't comply with the ID3 standard.  I got some great feedback and  
> compiled the entries in a single list.  There was some talk at the  
> time of adding this list to www.id3.org, but I haven't seen an  
> update.  So in the mean time, I posted the list to my ID3 library's  
> page.  For those who weren't on the list at the time or for people  
> who just want to check out what I have so far, here's a direct link  
> to the list...
> http://home.fuse.net/honnert/hundred/UltraID3Lib/offenders/
> If you have anything to add or correct, I'm thinking the most  
> appropriate thing to do is to reply back to this list.  (Disregard  
> the link to my forum on the page.)  I can update my list and if we  
> ever want to create a similar page on www.id3.org, we can use it as  
> a starting point.  My personal goal is to shame some of these  
> developers into compliance, so obviously this would have more of an  
> impact if the list were on www.id3.org, but I'll keep my list going  
> if that isn't the right venue.
> One small note: I've been testing some of the betas of the next  
> version of WinAmp and it looks like they're cleaning up some of the  
> ID3 issues. Woohoo!
>  - Mitchell S. Honnert

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