[ID3 Dev] "ID3 Offenders" Part 2

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Wed Feb 22 13:23:01 PST 2006

On Tuesday 21 February 2006 23:04, Mitchell S. Honnert wrote:
> A few weeks ago now, I solicited this list for 'ID3 Offenders", examples of
> applications, libraries, or encoders that somehow didn't comply with the
> ID3 standard.  I got some great feedback and compiled the entries in a
> single list.  There was some talk at the time of adding this list to
> www.id3.org, but I haven't seen an update.  So in the mean time, I posted
> the list to my ID3 library's page.  For those who weren't on the list at
> the time or for people who just want to check out what I have so far,
> here's a direct link to the list...
> http://home.fuse.net/honnert/hundred/UltraID3Lib/offenders/

According to the bug report below, apparently MusicMatch will create empty 
tags (i.e. tags without a single frame):


As many severely corrupted tags as I deal with in bug reports I really wish I 
knew where they were being created a lot of the time.

Also just one list etiquette note -- many people use threaded mail readers.  
If you're starting a new topic please don't hit reply, but instead send a new 


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