[ID3 Dev] ID3 tag and audio file formats

Thy Nae thy at cult-of-noise.net
Thu Mar 2 06:11:09 PST 2006

> I'm curious if there is a way to "translate" all ID3v2 frames (APIC, ...)
> to "Xiph Comments" etc... If there is no way, I must only admit that my
> application will never support other format than MP3.

Read your mp3 ,take an id3tag, eg:title, read his value and store it in a
Open your ogg/vorbis , create a tag called "title"=xxxxx , read the previous
variable and replace xxxxx by the variable's content.
Do it again with "author" , one more time with "author".
That's all :-p
The most difficult work is to write the match table; you have now to read
some (boring) docs.

Thy/ Manu B.
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