[ID3 Dev] ID3 tag and audio file formats

Thy Nae thy.nae at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 12:11:05 PST 2006

I'm your french translator, do you remenber ? ;-)
I'm actually planning to write (  in python ) an "universal" tagging
library; it will be released as free software under the terms Lgpl licence,
it means you will be able to use it even if ATT is not free/open software.
(Note that I respect your choice but I think that a tool like this will know
more sucess if it was totally free; OK, now I stop proselytism it's  enough
About the ogg/vorbis tagging , the system is more flexible but less advanced
and normalized, it works with the couple "key"= value , coded in text at the
beginning of the files.
The best point is the possibility to easylie add  new keys, the bad one is
that there is no convention about them , even with basic like "artist" ,
"title" , "album" and in absence of any  superior autority the risk is that
situation become anarchic.

Note that an ogg vorbis can be tagged with id3tag, but some crapy softwares
are confused with this , they consider that in id3 taggued file can only be
a mp3 , nothing else , they don't analyze frame to determine that.

Don't try to contact me for further information.
(and i'm waiting for fedora core 5 who will be able to execute your java

Thy Nae
"Si vous pensez que les hackers ne sont qu'une bande d'anarchistes prête à
tout mettre à feu et à sang parceque ça les amuse , vous vous trompez du
tout au tout : nous sommes bien pires que ça" No One Is Innocent ,
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