[ID3 Dev] Confusing problem about ID3v2.Could it located at the end of file?

夜弓 yegong1985 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 08:27:03 PST 2006

   I am interested in ID3v2 Tag in mp3 files.But when I deal with a
project about the IDtag, I have some difficult. I found that in all of
my MP3 audio , the tag's is located at the beginning of the file. When
i move it to the end of the file, the players(foobar 2000, winamp and
windows media player) told the file has no tag. I don't know what
cause this problem. If someone is interested in the problem, please
contact me.
  mailto:yegong1985 at gmail.com

--  Greetings

--- By 夜弓(Yegong)

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