[ID3 Dev] Why is footer not included in total size?

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Tue Nov 21 04:53:21 PST 2006

Ray Manning wrote:
> Is Martin Nilsson active on this list?

I've not seen anything ID3 related from him in years.

> Example tags
> A comprehensive test suite for all versions of ID3 tags are currently under
> development. The test suite includes both conforming tags and non-conforming
> tags so that both standards coformance and software robustness can be
> tested. Part of these will be released as example tags while the rest will
> be sold to cover development and running expenses. If you are interested,
> contact Martin Nilsson.
> While waiting for the ID3v2 test suite, feel free to try the ID3v1/ID3v1.1
> test suite.
> --------------------------------------
> That seems to imply to me that people have been waiting for example tags
> since v1.

And they'll keep waiting until someone takes up the not-terribly-fun 
task of creating such a suite.  It being a good idea won't make it happen.

Even from there you've got a lot of obstacles:

- It's going to be hard to get together multiple people that know the 
spec well to do bit-for-bit compliance checks.
- Most implementations don't even claim to do the whole spec.
- Writing is much more interesting than reading compliance-wise and  
it's very difficult to set things up to get bit-for-bit output matches 
even with compliant implementations.


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