[ID3 Dev] CHAP tags and their embedded frames

Stephen Fairchild onlymeok at nildram.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 03:44:48 PDT 2007

According to the V2.4 standard a typical text frame need not contain null 
termination since it does not contain multiple chained text strings for which 
the null terminator is introduced to separate them, yet in the definition of 
the chapter tag 'CHAP' (described in the chapter tag addendum) it explicitly 
shows embedded text frames which have null terminators.

This is an inconsistency which I would like to see cleared up. Was it 
intentionally done this way or was it a mistake?

Surely it is a mistake to call an embedded TIT2 subframe which does not 
conform to the same format as a non embedded TIT2 frame a TIT2 frame in the 
first place unless it is the case that it is within the standard for a TIT2 
frame which contains one string of text and is not embedded to be null 
terminated however on reading about text frames this is not the impression 
that I got.

Am I also to assume due to the non standardness I have illustrated that 
normally valid use cases that involve embedding multiple strings (null 
separated) within text frames are not supported within chapter frames?
Stephen Fairchild.

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