[ID3 Dev] ratings

Jan De Kock longjan at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 24 11:33:41 PST 2007

Damian Langley wrote:
> Question:
> Why isn't there a "rating" tag under ID3v2? IE 0-5 stars as with many of 
> the players. Sure its implemented in Itunes and their ipod, but what 
> happens if someone wants to use a different device? Also moving the 
> music library is a pain because the ratings don't move with the files. 
> The ratings is how I create many lists, as well as mark songs for 
> deletion later (1 star). I think this would be well worth 3 bits in the 
> header.
> -- 
> life's short, live it

Sounds to me like a good idea. I never use the ratings, so I thought 
they moved with the files and weren't bound to the iTunes library.

But 3 bits?
Why not make a simple extra tag, call it "TRAT", and put a number in there?

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