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How to implement stars ratings, I think, is beyond the scope of the ID3 specifications.  The POPM frame supports the concept but the implementation inside an application isn't specified.

By the way, did you know that Microsoft has a patent on generating weighted playlists based on user ratings.  They patented it in, if I remember correctly, 2005 though many players have done it for long before then and the idea has existed in the POPM specification for many years.

Anyway, Microsoft's Windows Media Player has an option to store their ratings in the file, alternatively, you may want to look at my metadata backup utility that works with Windows Media Player libraries.  It helps support moving custom attributes when moving on the same computer or to new computers.



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Why isn't there a "rating" tag under ID3v2?  IE 0-5 stars as with many of the players.  Sure its implemented in Itunes and their ipod, but what happens if someone wants to use a different device?  Also moving the music library is a pain because the ratings don't move with the files.   The ratings is how I create many lists, as well as mark songs for deletion later (1 star).  I think this would be well worth 3 bits in the header. 

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