[ID3 Dev] Unicode

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Sun Feb 11 10:15:25 PST 2007

I'm getting a bit exasperated with trying to handle Unicode  
correctly. In my library, I'm handling all strings as UTF8  
internally, but since the 2.3 spec (as I've understood it) only  
allows for iso 8559-1 and UCS-2 (for the moment I'm treating UCS-2 as  
if it were UTF-16), I'm writing out as UTF-16, where necessary.

What I'm finding is that if I write out a TALB frame as "Erét" (thats  
E - r - e with acute accent - t, if your mail client displays  
something else) as UTF-16, iTunes and the other two tagging apps I've  
checked out display it in an oriental font.

So the question is, am I wrong, or are other people just not  
bothering to deal with anything but english?

Any insights gratefully recieved....


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