[ID3 Dev] Unicode

Ben Allison benski at winamp.com
Mon Feb 12 12:43:14 PST 2007


Had forgotten about the sizeof(wchar_t) != 2 on all platforms (see 
earlier post).  But the rest of the code is OK.  It's not detecting 
big-endian versus little-endian, just whether or not you need to swap 

The intent of my post was to be sure that people aren't confused by the 
fact that literal numbers in C are defined in big endian notation.  I 
think I probably just made the situation worse, though :)


Robert Manson wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> With regards to your comment:
>>> it will also do the right thing, regardless of platform.
> If you're intent here was to indicate that the code snippets you posted
> are portable I'm afraid you are mistaken.
> The wchar_t type is not portable instead you should use ui16_t for
> UTF-16 (or UCS-2). (whar_t is 16 bits on windows but 32 bits on linux,
> and is not guaranteed to be more than 7 bits) Also note that ui16_t is
> guaranteed to be *at least* 2 bytes so you should not use sizeof(),
> instead you should use the number 2.
> Also, while it is true that literal values are big endian, the byte
> ordering of the lval is system dependent so the code snippets will
> produce different results depending on whether or not the platform is
> big or little endian.
> -Rob

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