[ID3 Dev] Unicode

Ben Allison benski at winamp.com
Sun Feb 11 21:04:14 PST 2007

And just a note that C compilers treat literal numbers as big endian.

So if you do this
wchar_t BOM = 0xFEFF;
fwrite(&BOM, 1, sizeof(BOM), fp);

it will "do the right thing" regardless of the platform.

similiarly, if you do this:
wchar_t BOM;
fread(&BOM, 1, sizeof(BOM), fp);
if (BOM == 0xFEFF) // don't switch endian
else // switch endian

it will also do the right thing, regardless of platform.

> Mark,
> This is backwards.  Little endian BOM is FF FE and big endian BOM is FE FF
> Mark Smith wrote:
>> 0xFF 0xFE for big-endian, or 0xFE 0xFF for little-endian.

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