[ID3 Dev] Suggestion for 2.4.1 - TAGS

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Wed Mar 28 10:41:44 PDT 2007

Ståle Askerød Johansen wrote:
> Ah. I see. :-)
> If we don't mind the versioning, what is the best way to get this 
> change implemented?

Well, the problem is that changed in the spec is different from changed 
in the real world.  To get it changed in the spec, there would need to 
be someone organizing the process or releasing an update, a general 
consensus on this list, a draft, and then a new standard.  And that's 
the easy part.

Then you have to get the people with various implementations to update 
their projects.  The time, for instance, between the release of the 
2.4.0 standard and Apple and Microsoft supporting them was about 5 
years.  The first projects to switch over probably showed up 1-2 years 
after the standard update.  Then GUIs have to be updated to support new 
schemes.  Most GUIs just ignore most frame types.

I'm personally strongly opposed to any additional changes to the ID3v2 
format (though not opposed to a clarified standard draft); previous 
changes have only complicated adoption and I expect that additional 
significant revisions would create more problems than they would solve; 
previous updates certainly have.


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