[ID3 Dev] Suggestion for 2.4.1 - TAGS

Ståle Askerød Johansen s.a.johansen at usit.uio.no
Wed Mar 28 04:06:29 PDT 2007

Ben Bennett wrote:

>> [TAGS]: rock, folk, instrumental, oldie, sorrowful, slow, piano, violin, 
>> swedish, scandinavian, progressive, 70s, 1971, soundtrack
> Who is the target audience?  And what tools are you going to use?

The target audience is people with very large collections of music.
Tools do not exist yet. Any developers of players or taggers here?

>> A very good point, and I realize that this information often will have 
>> to be entered and used by each user based on personal taste. An 
>> alternative is to make something wiki-like where people can collaborate 
>> on making a common framework, like for instance del.icio.us.
> That would be useful.  Have you seen musicbrainz.org?  They are sort
> of edging in the direction of having an internet-wide editable music
> DB...  They don't yet have arbitrary tagging.

This site is a good start, at least.

I'd hereby like to suggest another field be added to the ID3V2 spec
specifically for atbitrary tags.


The "Tags" frame is intended for storing multiple strings to describe
the "roles" a song may have. These roles may include both numerous
genres as well as for example mood or instruments or other
characteristics. In this sense, the frame will overlap with other
frames. This is by design, to make intelligent searches easier with
the proper implmented tools.


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