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Shawn MacFarland smacfarl at gmail.com
Sat May 12 14:52:54 PDT 2007


I was wondering about how broadcast (podcast) streams should be tagged. ID3
does an excellent job of providing song recording information, and the basic
structure of the tag or something very compatible with it would seem to be
useful to tag podcast streams.

Consider for example the NPR Radio show "This American Life". It's got
multiple distinct audio segments each show, as well as introductory,
transitional, and conclusion audio segments. It would be nice if within the
mp3 tag we could mark the offsets into the mp3 where these parts of the
broadcast exist, so that a program that reads the tag could provide a link
into the mp3 to the point where the segment begins or ends.

As another example consider a sports event. The final broadcast might
provide links to an outline of a game, in American football, maybe the
beginning and ending of downs, particular penalty or injury breaks, points
scored - key plays. etc.

Further it would be nice for the end user of a broadcast to be able to
highlight the segments he/she particular likes by adding labels and markers
within the header of the stream's tag, to provide a more customized index of
the broadcast.

I apology to the mailing list since this question is slightly off topic, but
I was hoping someone on the list subscribers could point me in the right
direction toward people who are working on this kind of thing.

Thank you for you time,
Shawn MacFarland
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