[ID3 Dev] Write access to ID3 wikipage, compliance issues

Paul Taylor paul_t100 at fastmail.fm
Sat Feb 23 08:37:31 PST 2008

Hi Dan

Ive just had another go at editing a page but the only options I get for 
the current page are

    * show changes <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=diff>
    * get info <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=info>
    * show raw text <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=raw>
    * show print view <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=print>
    * delete cache <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=refresh>
    * attach file <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=AttachFile>
    * check spelling
    * show like pages
    * show local site map
    * Subscribe <http://www.id3.org/Compliance_Issues?action=subscribe>

I cant see any way to edit, am I being dense here


Dan O'Neill wrote:
> Paul Taylor wrote:
>> Hi I created a login for the id3.org wiki in order to add something 
>> to the Compliance page, but I still dont seem able to edit it even 
>> with a login, is this by design ?
>> If so I wanted to add the following:
>> iTunes ( only recognises genres in ID3v23 in the form (n) if 
>> n is 125 (Dance Hall) or less, nor does it understand the (RX) or 
>> (CV) genres. Similary for ID3v24 it doesnt recognise genres greater 
>> than 125 or RX or CV.
>> Winamp (5.35) doesnt recognise the RX or CV genres.
>> Paul
> Hi Paul,
> I updated the page, but there are not edit restrictions once you're 
> logged in.  Sorry for the delayed response, I've been quite busy lately.
> Dan

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