[ID3 Dev] id3.org down?

Dan O'Neill dano at northpb.com
Thu Jan 24 20:07:59 PST 2008


Long story short. Old old servers that run fine while they're left alone 
don't run so well when you shut them down for hours and then try to 
power them back up.

All USA hosting providers are having issues providing enough power to 
their customers. Ours needed to add new PDU's and transformers and 
scheduled an outage for our racks.  No problem with that...  Servers 
were taken down in an orderly manner and we waited until the maintenance 
was over (apprx. 5 hours) and started to bring things up.

Unfortunately, some of these servers and their power supplies have been 
running solid since 2000/2001 and no longer had enough juice to fire up 
the servers.

We prepared by having a number of spare 1U PSU's.  Unfortunately, the 
number of failures exceeded our spare pool by 3X - yes 3X!

The id3.org server was temporarily (1 day) repositioned as a database 
server for my company.  Additional PSU's were delivered around noon PST 
and the id3.org server was returned to it's original use.

That's all there is.   The first data center war story of 2008.


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