[ID3 Dev] Section 4.1. Unique file identifier of 'id3v2.4.0-frames.txt'

Charles A. Templeton III ctempleton3 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 14:36:54 PDT 2008

> 4.1.   Unique file identifier
>    ... indicated email address. The URL should not be used for the
>    actual database queries. The string
>    "http://www.id3.org/dummy/ufid.html" should be used for tests...

In the Information Standard ID3v2.4.0 Section 4.1 calls out the web 
address http://www.id3.org/dummy/ufid.html. This URL links to a page 
that receives the following message:

> *This page does not exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use 
> one of the page templates.*

I thought you might be interested in knowing there is a bad link in the 


*- Charles A. Templeton III*



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