[ID3 Dev] TIPL and TCOM.

Peter van Hardenberg pvh at songbirdnest.com
Thu May 8 11:48:55 PDT 2008

TIPL can hold many values, in alternating "role/person" format. If TCOM is not set, there may still be a "composer"/"Mozart" among the TIPL/IPLS values. Simply setting "TIPL" to "The Doughnut Guy" is incorrect usage. Better would be:

"Cover Art Designer" / "Salvador Dali" / "Mixer" / "Poseidon" / "Intern" / "Ryan the Doughnut Guy"

in which case, you could definitely search the list for a "composer" or a "producer" or some other reasonably established title. I should add that only one TIPL(2.4)/IPLS(2.3) frame is ever permitted in a tag.

As for the rating, I am perfectly capable of drawing my own lousy conclusions from existing examples. Instead, I am asking on the ID3v2 developers list in the hope of getting a reasonably canonical response, or at least a sense of how decided the subject is. 

You may have noticed, as I see you are a subscriber to the TagLib list, but I've been investing time in a patch to improve TagLib support for these kinds of problems so that more applications might actually make use of them in a consistent way, and I'd like to do it right the first time.


----- "Tom Sorensen" <tsorensen at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 1:15 PM, Peter van Hardenberg
> <pvh at songbirdnest.com> wrote:
> > Should a full, correct ID3v2 implementation check TIPL for a
> composer if the TCOM frame is not present?
> For what purpose?
> If TCOM is not present, you certainly cannot tell what TIPL may hold
> (on the rare occasion that either one is actually set). TIPL could
> include things like the cover art designer, the mixer, and even the
> intern who ran out and got doughnuts every morning.
> > Is POPL the only, best way to store ratings? What is the recommended
> method for storing rating information for an application which is not
> going to store user emails or play counts?
> I presume you mean POPM, as there is no standard POPL frame. Again,
> rarely used, but it's the only thing in the standard for that kind of
> thing. I'm not sure what other players do; iTunes stores its info in
> its own database.
> > TXXX:Rating?
> Doesn't matter much -- once you're using a TXXX frame then there's no
> standard at all. Your best bet is to see what other players do and
> copy it (either POPM or their own TXXX frame) if you want to be able
> to exchange the data.
> Tom Sorensen
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