[ID3 Dev] Suggestion For having multilingual id3 tags

Ahmed Sobhi humanzz at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 29 23:43:18 PST 2008

I'm a software developer but I'm not at all experienced with id3 tagging system from a developer's perspective.
I'm facing a problem as a user and I just wanted to share that problem and propose how I want it to be solved.
I'm Egyptian so part of my mp3s collection is for Egyptian and Arab artists. The problem is with the songs, albums titles and artists names. I'd like to see them in Arabic.
I know that this is possible with unicode and for sure that works quite well for me.

I'm talking about storing the names in multiple languages, like having an artist's name in arabic and english.
For example, I have an artist called " أم كلثوم" and in English she is called Um Kalthoum.
I'd like to be able to search in my music library with either names.
A also believe that each can be used in a proper context
  1.. The original artist's language (in my case arabic) because it's only logical to do so 
  2.. English as a current universal standard

I think it'd be a great feature for those whose first language is not English.

So what I'm suggesting is to allow some fields to be stored with different language versions.
So there will Artist (english): Um Kalthoum and Artist (arabic): أم كلثوم
The same can co for album and title and any other fields that can expose such behavior.

What do you think? 
Ahmed Sobhi
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