[ID3 Dev] Mailing List Archive Search Engine does not work

Stefan Nowak p.org at gmx.at
Mon Sep 14 07:45:54 PDT 2009

Hello all!

The recent 2 days I have intensely studied the ID3 standard, related  
information sources, and performed research on my own music player  
(iTunes) and its library and files.

By working with digital music for many years now, I meanwhile know the  
main practical issues of ID3 related topics and its real world  

I have written some proposals for standard additions, as well spotted  
missing/flawful implementations of iTunes, which I would like to  
publish to the iTunes wiki page.

But as I don't want to bother you, the ID3 workgroup unnecessarily, I  
read and research as much as I can do on my own, before I put it  
online for public presentation and discussion.

Therefore I search through the 2 main information repositories, the  
Wiki and the Mailinglist.

BUT: The Mailinglist search function does not work!!!

When I start a search, such as:

I get this error page:
Either the group "gmane.comp.multimedia.id3v2" doesn't exist, or has  
no indexable articles (usually this means it was only added very  
group filter can be a single Gmane group name (e.g. gmane.discuss) or  
a wildcarded hierarchy (e.g. gmane.comp.*). Since all groups start  
"gmane.", you can omit that. Note that arbitrary wildcards and  
substring matches aren't currently supported.

Is this a mistake or do you intentionally turn the mailing list  
archive search off?

Thanks for replies,

Stefan Nowak

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