[ID3 Dev] Non-destructive Improvements to ID3v23

Paul Taylor paul_t100 at fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 13 02:42:15 PDT 2010

Paul Taylor wrote:
> The following features of ID3v24 could be used in ID3v23 without 
> causing much of a problem, Im proposing that we should document ID3 
> V23.1 with these additions. At the moment developers and users  are a 
> stuck with the common consensus being that applications should still 
> use ID3v23 rather than ID3v24, but use of ID3v23 makes certain things 
> more difficult then they would be if using ID3v24.
> 1. All text information frames supports multiple strings, stored as a 
> null separated list, where null is represented by the termination code 
> for the charater encoding
Foobar2000 does this already, you add multiple values to any text field 
by separating them with ; but they get written seperated with a null 
char, by default it writes IDv24 tags but if you have 
AdvancedTagging/MP3/ID3v2 writer compatabilty mode set it writes ID3v23 
, but still separates values by a null char (as in the v24 spec) . The 
advantage of this method is it doesnt break applications that only 
understand the one value, they just take the first one.


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