[ID3 Dev] TPE2

Jud White jwhite at cdtag.com
Fri Apr 23 11:21:15 PDT 2010

>  TPE1
>   The 'Lead artist/Lead performer/Soloist/Performing group' is
>   used for the main artist.
>  TPE2
>   The 'Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment' frame is used for additional
>   information about the performers in the recording.

Explorer in Win7 incorrectly labels TPE2 as the "Artist" and TPE1 as
"Contributing artists". TPE1 has always been the Artist and afaik TPE2 is
rarely used. fb2k, iTunes and WMP all display TPE1 as Artist. Can someone
speak up to bring this to consensus so I can update the compliance page with
a little confidence? This is a fairly fresh install of Win7 Professional
(32-bit) but I suppose something could have hooked into the shell overriding
default behavior.

Regarding the compliance page, I just tried Foobar and it uses TXXX ALBUM
ARTIST, not TXXX ALBUM_ARTIST. Paul, since you added this, can you confirm
and update? Going a little further, I don't know if this is a compliance
issue, but it's good to note. The way I'd interpret TPE2 is like Queen
(TPE1) playing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (TPE2). In a
compilation album I wouldn't put a DJ/mixer in TPE2, though I would put the
individual track artists in TPE1. I guess the bigger question is where does
Album Artist go? Can we make an addendum? Would anyone implement it? I
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