[ID3 Dev] NUDGE: Tags used by common MP3 players?

Michael Makuch mike at muzikbrowzer.com
Fri Feb 26 06:16:41 PST 2010

Below is the list of tags which I have come to support in my version of
the id3 util found in the id3lib. My www.muzikbrowzer.com uses TCON TPE1

I use TLEN as sort of a suggestion. I will display TLEN if present (in
appropriate places) but then if/when I have the opportunity to calculate
the actual  duration then I override the TLEN. TYER I use for displaying
albums in order of release date.

$ /usr/local/bin/id3
id3 [options] <file> # w/out options display tag info.  options:
     -v      <value> # id3 version (1 or 2)
     -dt             # delete tag (version 1 or 2 if specified else both
     -df     <value> # delete tag field
     -getart <value> # getart, writes to <file>
     -TCON   <value> # genre
     -TPE1   <value> # artist
     -TALB   <value> # album
     -TIT2   <value> # title
     -TRCK   <value> # track
     -TLEN   <value> # length
     -TYER   <value> # year
     -TPOS   <value> # part in set
     -TPUB   <value> # publisher
     -UFID   <value> # ufid
     -TMED   <value> # dig...
     -COMM   <value> # comment
     -APIC   <value> # art file, reads from <file>


Jud White wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> My personal guess:
> ID3v2.3 is most supported.
> TIT2
> TPE1
> It's worth noting iTunes APIC bug in ID3v2.4 - they don't sync safe
> the frame size. It's not just APIC but it's probably most noticeable
> in this frame. If you want to remain consistent with the written spec
> when writing tags and still have iTunes pick up the APIC frame put it
> at the end of the tag, they'll overread but truncate before padding.
> Works for 1 picture anyway. Again that's just ID3v2.4.
> I'd just write text in TCON, forget ID3v1 genres, except for reading.
> On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 11:40 AM, Paul Hoffman <paul.hoffman at gmail.com
> <mailto:paul.hoffman at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     [[ <clonk><clonk> Is this thing on? ]]
>     Greetings. Has someone compiled a list of common MP3 hardware/software
>     players and the ID3v2 tags that they use for display? As I write some
>     software, I want to be sure I'm adding the tags that will be useful in
>     most/all players.
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