[ID3 Dev] New to the list

Ben Fourie benf at damasoftware.com
Fri Apr 29 05:20:40 PDT 2011

Hey Every one,

I'm new to the list, and will be following id3v2 development closely from
now on.


I have a suggestion regarding a new tag frame or perhaps 2.


Nearly every single application out there builds up their own database of
metadata. One field that stands out that you find in all of those
applications  is a rating field. The typical 5 star rating. This information
is stored by the application, and in most cases cannot be migrated to
another platform.

This will prevent most users (or at the very least make them very reluctant)
to switch to another player.


The second risk is loss of storage media.

You can backup your mp3 library but if you lose your OS drive(or the drive
that holds the metadata for your media player), all your ratings will be
gone, even after a system restore.


A suggestion from my side:


Have 2 rating frames.

One for your own personal rating with simply a numerical value from 1 - 5.

Then another rating frame for a public rating score.

Personal rating would contain the rating you chose for each individual

When you sync iTunes for instance, apple can then collect all those ratings
and build a public rating for matching media.


Doing it this way, will of course allow you to migrate from the dying Zune
to iPod faster than you can swipe your credit card :-p without the fear of
losing all your ratings.


I would love to hear your thoughts around this.



Ben Fourie

DaMa Software

083 262 3555

 <http://www.damasoftware.com/> www.damasoftware.com

 <mailto:benf at damasoftware.com> benf at damasoftware.com 





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