[ID3 Dev] My mp3 tagging code can't handle Unicode tags

Louis Coder visual_basic_louis at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 07:07:45 PST 2011


I am Louis. I wrote some code to tag ID3v2.2 and 2.3 mp3 files.
The tagging code worked over years, but now some people came up with Unicode tags and my tagging code does not WRITE those Unicode tags correctly.

Please have a look at this screen shot I made from my Windows desktop:


In the Background, there's the Windows explorer showing the content of two mp3 files. The one is the original file and the other (... - Kopie [that means copy]) is the same file where the tag was once read and instantly written back by my tagging code.

As you see, the tag was destroyed by my code, the Explorer only displays Chinese chars.

You also see a hex editor showing the beginning of both files.

QUESTION: DO YOU FIND ANY ERROR IN THE TAG OF "2 Pac & Notorious B.I.G - Running (Dying To Live) (#1) - Kopie.mp3" ???

You can download both mp3s here:

www.louis-coder.com/ID3/2 Pac & Notorious B.I.G - Running (Dying To Live) (#1) - Kopie.mp3
www.louis-coder.com/ID3/2 Pac & Notorious B.I.G - Running (Dying To Live) (#1).mp3

(please do not share or listen to these files, just watch the tag).

Note that the copy ("- Kopie") is the file where the tag was damaged by my code. Note that the ASCII codes the hex editor shows are hexadecimal, that means '32' is no space char (which has ASCII code 32) but a char with ASCII code 50 (3*16+2=50, of course).

Note that my tagging code tried to write back the tag as ASCII tag (although it was read as Unicode tag). Maybe (!) the Windows Explorer thinks it still would be Unicode, but why???

Please help!!!

Thanks a lot,


PS: if you need the tagging code, I'll send it to you, or you download it here:


(Maybe not the cleanest code, but it worked fine for years).


Louis Coder - www.louis-coder.com

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