[ID3 Dev] foobar2000 ID3v2.3 compliance

Benjamin Cook mail at benjamincook.ca
Mon Mar 28 12:32:15 PDT 2011

The following bullet point refers to the change I'm talking about.

      Improved ID3v2 tag writing standard compliance.

I've discussed the matter with Peter (the developer) in the 
alpha-testing IRC channel. It came to mind because there are other 
behavioural changes landing in the most recent version that improve 
compatibility with various spec-bending implementations (while still 
complying with the spec).

If you don't believe me, you're welcome to retest.
> On 28/03/2011 20:24, Benjamin Cook wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> PaulTaylor added the following compliance issue for foobar2000:
>> Null separates multiple values | Null seperates multiple strings in 
>> text frames, didnt come in until ID3v24
>> This was fixed in version 1.1. You can see the changelog here: 
>> http://www.foobar2000.org/changelog
> Ben , I cannot see this directly referred to in the changelog
> Paul
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