[ID3 Dev] Suggested additions to 2.4.0

Alice Wonder alicewonder at shastaherps.org
Sun Feb 23 23:22:58 PST 2014

Hello list,

I would like to suggest for consideration three new frames be added,
perhaps as part of a 2.4.1 informal standard or perhaps as addendum to
the id3v2 2.4.0 standard.

These are related to recordings intended to be part of a podcast but may
be downloaded separately from the rss feed.

It would be suggested that the frames be set by the podcaster but
clients could tag as well upon download of the MP3 resource.


TPOD - name of podcast

Frequently the album name is used for the name of the podcast but that
may not always be appropriate.

A musician podcast may want to occasionally put a song in their podcast
for marketing reasons, and may want to keep the album name accurate.

Or say there is a financial podcast with the title - E.F. Mutton
Financial News

Within their podcast they may want a series on Understanding Bitcoin and
may wish to use the TALB frame to indicate the series rather than the
podcast name itself.

Some podcast clients will currently over-write the TALB frame with the
name of the podcast, resulting in data loss that the author of the MP3
wished to have in the metadata.

A TPOD frame would allow another option for the name of the podcast that
does not interfere with TALB.


TEPI - Episode in a podcast. This would normally be a non-negative
integer. 0 (or lack of the frame) would be used for informational
recordings, such as information about the podcast, etc.

In cases where an episode contained a factual error, a correction could
be published to that episode by using the episode number followed by a
letter. e.g. a correction to Episode 17 would have 17a in the frame.

The TRCK frame is not sufficient for indicating a podcast episode
number, and may in fact be used for other things (such as the position
of a podcast within a series or in the previous band example, the actual
position of the song within the album)


WRSS - The RSS feed for the podcast. None of the other URL link frames
seem suitable for this.


I am in the process of developing a podcast hosting service and will be
tagging MP3s in a similar fashion, except using TXXX and WXXX so as to
not break the informal standard, but I do believe this would be
beneficial to have defined in the standard and I doubt jukebox
developers will give the user any benefit from TXXX/WXXX tags but they
may if defined frames that are part of a published standard are used.

Thank you for your time,

Alice Wonder

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