[ID3 Dev] Sample tags?

Ben Bennett fiji at ayup.limey.net
Mon Apr 11 10:47:02 PDT 2005

So... there has been a message on http://www.id3.org/develop.html for
ages saying "Test Suite in Developlemt" and "A comprehensive test
suite for all versions of ID3 tags are currently under development."

Is there a test suite forthcoming?

I have a test suite for my Perl library that I have been working on,
but I would like to see other tags people have written.

I am willing to share my current test code but it is pretty Perl
specific and tests frames individually for the most part (rather than
testing a whole tag), so I am not sure if it will be useful to other

I am especially concerned about the following frames:
 - RVA2
Since they are pretty binary specific and there are not many of these
tags in the wild.

The other issue is with the frame size of large frames.  iTunes does
not write syncsafe integers for a 2.4 frame... it uses the old 2.3
behavior and just writes an integer.  I would appreciate it if someone
else could validate this behavior and tell me if it is contrary to the
2.4 spec.


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