[ID3 Dev] Sample tags?

Dan O'Neill id3v2 at northpb.com
Mon Apr 11 13:08:17 PDT 2005

Ben Bennett wrote:
> So... there has been a message on http://www.id3.org/develop.html for
> ages saying "Test Suite in Developlemt" and "A comprehensive test
> suite for all versions of ID3 tags are currently under development."
> Is there a test suite forthcoming?

I would be glad to host any test suites and instructions that this group 
comes up with.

> I have a test suite for my Perl library that I have been working on,
> but I would like to see other tags people have written.
> I am willing to share my current test code but it is pretty Perl
> specific and tests frames individually for the most part (rather than
> testing a whole tag), so I am not sure if it will be useful to other
> people.
> I am especially concerned about the following frames:
>  - RVAD
>  - RVA2
>  - MLLT
>  - EQUA
>  - ASPI
> Since they are pretty binary specific and there are not many of these
> tags in the wild.
> The other issue is with the frame size of large frames.  iTunes does
> not write syncsafe integers for a 2.4 frame... it uses the old 2.3
> behavior and just writes an integer.  I would appreciate it if someone
> else could validate this behavior and tell me if it is contrary to the
> 2.4 spec.

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