[ID3 Dev] ID3 newbie need advice

Daniel Brockman daniel at brockman.se
Mon May 30 09:27:11 PDT 2005

Hi Ahmad,

Ahmad Ismail <ahmad at aratech.net> writes:

> I need to create a media player that can record MP3 and play them,
> BUT I want to add my own tags into them so only the files recorded
> by my media player can be played with it (so the player will check
> the tags if it was recorded by the same rocorder)

If you don't mind my asking, why are you trying to do this?

> is that possible? can I rename the extension too so that I can set
> it to play in my player? or MP3 is a trademark to replay the
> file back?

Are you saying that you want no other MP3 player to be able to play
the files?  Again, I'm curious as to why you want to do this.

Daniel Brockman <daniel at brockman.se>

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