[ID3 Dev] Whole Album Tags

Pyt py.thoulon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 22:04:57 PST 2005

Looks like a job fit for the newly define CHAP and CTOC frames. Check
http://www.id3.org/develop.html, under "Work in progress".

 On 11/22/05, Brian Mearns <bmearns at coe.neu.edu> wrote:
> I'm interested in constructing a data base of my record collection using
> ID3 format. My plan is to just create a file for each album, the only
> contents of the file would be an ID3 tag with the album's meta data. I
> want to set it up so that the entire tag contains all the data for the
> album, plus a frame for each track which contains any necessary meta
> data for that track, including possible "overrides" of the data in the
> album (parent) tag (For instance, the album may have a certain composer,
> but one particular track has a different composer.)
> I was just curious if there was any existing structure for something
> like this, or if anyone's came across anything like it before.
> Thanks
> -Brian Mearns
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