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Chris Newell chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 02:36:31 PST 2005

At 06:04 22/11/2005, py.thoulon at gmail.com wrote:
>Looks like a job fit for the newly define CHAP and CTOC frames. Check <http://www.id3.org/develop.html>http://www.id3.org/develop.html, under "Work in progress".
>On 11/22/05, Brian Mearns <<mailto:bmearns at coe.neu.edu>bmearns at coe.neu.edu> wrote: 
>I'm interested in constructing a data base of my record collection using
>ID3 format. My plan is to just create a file for each album, the only 
>contents of the file would be an ID3 tag with the album's meta data. I
>want to set it up so that the entire tag contains all the data for the
>album, plus a frame for each track which contains any necessary meta
>data for that track, including possible "overrides" of the data in the
>album (parent) tag (For instance, the album may have a certain composer,
>but one particular track has a different composer.)
>I was just curious if there was any existing structure for something 
>like this, or if anyone's came across anything like it before.


I agree with Pierre that this is an ideal application for the newly defined Chapter Frames.

I've created a tool for creating these Frames which is available from: http://id3v2-chap-tool.sourceforge.net

However, you have to bear in mind that the specification is "work in progress" and these frames are not yet supported by any Media Players.

Any feedback you have about the utility of the Chapter Frames would be very welcome


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