[ID3 Dev] Suggestion - uniform 'Element ID' creation

Chris Newell chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk
Mon Nov 14 02:04:46 PST 2005

At 17:51 11/11/2005, you wrote:
>> I can see the merit of your "uniform Element ID"
>> concept in terms of simplicity for parsers. However, I'm concerned that it
>> would block one of the useful capabilities of the current scheme - the
>> ability to reference chapters from more than one table of contents.
>> For example, for the recording of a rock festival you could create a CHAP
>> frame for each song and then index these frames in three ways using
>> different CTOCs to provide:
>>  - a full, temporally ordered table of contents
>>  - a table providing an index of band names or genres
>>  - a table listing highlights
>> I think it's important to maintain this kind of flexibility because it
>> opens up all kinds of interesting opportunities for content developers.
>Oh yes. I had forgotten that there may be more than one table of contents
>in each tag. Therefore I have adjusted my "uniform Element ID" concept so
>that there may be more than one table of contents. How?
>Just by adding the "X#" at the very beggining of each Element ID.
>X - the unigue number identifier of each table of contents.
>Here is example of 2 tables of contents written in one ID3 tag (there are
>also some CHAP frames which are not referenced by any CTOC frame):
>1#0 (root - zero level)
>          1#1 (1st level)
>          1#2
>          1#3
>            1#3.1 (2nd level)
>            1#3.2
>            1#3.3
>              1#3.3.1 (3rd level)
>              1#3.3.2
>              1#3.3.3
>                1# (4th level)
>                1#
>                ...


How does this scheme allow the an individual chapter frame to be referenced by more than one table of contents? In the example scenario above, the chapters representing individual songs may be referenced three times.

>Just tell me and I can generate ID3 tag in whatever version.
>See attachment. There is example content in ID3v2.3.

Cheers, I'll try it out.


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